Katherines campaign

Starting town

This is the starting story
I’ll reread it when we start, but just so you have an idea of the storyline

A nation of relative peace, the Haur’Shada Elves and the humans of Delionshire co-exist in a comfortable non aggression pact, assisting each other when necessary. Recently however, unrest has spread throughout the country. An infamous drow woman, Alexis Blade, has succeeded in infiltrating the Humans fortress and capital city, Delionshire, and has stolen the cursed, legendary sword “Demi god’s Avenger” from the secret underground of the Delionshire keep. The swords history and powers are a great secret in the human empire, and few know of its possible strength. However it is clear that in the hands of this dangerous dark elf this sword could have unbelievable consequences. Seemingly in response to this catastrophe, the drow of the underdark have become increasingly active, and other strange occurrences have begun all over the country. To help rectify the situation, you and your friends, among many others, have been called to help aid the cause.

You begin in Bellkeep, A primarily Human town, with a significant population of Dwalfs, Bellkeep is the resting point of many workers and miners from Irontounge Forge. A small town sheltered by the Irontounged Mountains and the wilderness, it is rarely troubled, or challenged. Thus, its defenses are small and its militant population minimal. However due to the recent troubles, a large group of mages and warriers have been summoned to help Bellkeep keep up with supplies and manual labor, and the town guard is always recruiting capable soldiers.



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