Aramil Galanodel

Short for an elf, Long brown hair, green eyes, slender, good looking


Awesome Hp
Strength: Optimus Prime
Dexterity: The Flash
Constitution: Goku
Intelligence: Professor Xavier
Wisdom: Ghandi
Charisma: Daniel Larmour


He lived in a small hamlet which guarded a gate from a fey plane to the material plane. He was a healer in the plane. Although he felt a strange compassion for the fey creatures in the plane. At night he would sneak out to be with the fey creatures. After years of living in the plane he started to notice he adopted aspects of the fey creatures, such as being resilient to attacks and being very difficult to enchant beyond the normal resistance of an elf. However one day at night he was spotted with the fey creatures and he fled back through to the material plane. Some elvish guards followed him through attempting to kill him because he is deemed a menace to civilisation.

Now he is wondering the material plane attempting to find another way to the fey realm without going to the elves. He has been adventuring believing that one day he may be powerful enough to create a portal there himself. He travels with his wolf Nalio, and any other companions he finds along the way. He uses them to help his ventures whether they know about his lust for power or not.

Aramil Galanodel

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