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Charecter options available: Three options are available for each primary role

Tanks/Melee classes= Barbarian, Fighter, Knight
Healer/divine caster= Cleric, Druid, Favoured soul
Utilty/Stealth/ranged= Rogue, Spell thief, Ranger
Arcane Casters= Wizard, Sorcerer, Hexblade

Only races available are Players Handsbook 1
Feats/traits= Completes, players handbook 1 and 2
A maximum of 2 Flaws can be taken

Roll your stats now
Max mod 8
Peter fix your spelling

The books you can use are the completes and ph1 and 2


Btw i’d like feats/flaws/ stats etc of your charecters plus thier class etc

_What does everyone think of starting at level 5 instead of 1? _**

starting town details are now available in the adventure log

Dont worry if your character feels redundant against Daniel’s character

Dnd is this wednestday however we are now meeting at 10:30-11ish at michauls place.

*BECUASE two people have decided not to show up (ritchard and Jordy, shame on you) the encounters are slightly more difficult than intended. I have adjusted them to make them more fair, however, they may still be difficult. Therefore prepare yourself well and be cautious or we may end up in a very short campaign *

Main Page

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